The Iron Dames Bring the Heat to Motorsports Behind the Wheel of the Huracan GT3 EVO 

Women’s Racing Team Inspires in the GT3 EVO 

Lamborghini inspires the minds of people around the world. The company’s racing teams help bring that inspiration closer to home. With that in mind, Lamborghini fields an array of teams – including the Iron Dames. They go head-to-head with the best in the world. Keep reading to find out how the women’s racing team inspires in the GT3 EVO! 

Who Are the Iron Dames? 

Iron Lynx’s Iron Dames is a group of four female race drivers who sport hot pink racing suits and have made a name for themselves as a formidable team in motorsport. In 2018, Deborah Mayer founded Iron Dames to promote gender diversity and support women at all levels of the sport. The team is made up of Rahel Frey, Michelle Gatting, Sarah Bovy, and Doriane Pin, all of whom are passionate and motivated to push the racing world beyond traditional gender roles. 

Iron Lynx, the Italian racing stable, will participate as an official team in the FIA WEC with the Lamborghini LMDh beginning in 2024. The team recently made its debut at Daytona aboard the #83 Huracán GT3 EVO2 and will also compete in the IMSA Endurance Cup at Sebring. Rahel Frey, who is a professional driver and project manager for the Iron Dames, leads the team. Michelle Gatting, who has 14 race wins, 61 podiums, and eight pole positions under her belt, is also a key member of the team. Sarah Bovy, who is in her third season with the Iron Dames, shares her passion for racing. Meanwhile Doriane Pin shows great potential for the future. 

The Iron Dames are not just about breaking down gender barriers; they also aim to inspire other women to pursue their dreams and enter the world of motorsport. These female drivers are setting an example for others to follow. Not only that, they are showing that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. 

Women’s Racing Team Inspires in the GT3 EVO - seen here crossing the finish line.

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