Lamborghini Huracan EVO RWD Spyder front view on a road

Where can I watch a Lamborghini race near Austin, TX?

Vehicle racetracks in the Austin, TX area 

Where can you watch a Lamborghini race near Austin, TX? Are you hoping to see one of your favorite supercars in action? We don’t blame you. You can, of course, come to view them here at Lamborghini Austin, but if you want to see them on a track, going at top speeds, then you’ll need to try one of these vehicle racetracks in the Austin, TX area. 

Three top tracks for watching motor races near Austin, TX 

Whether you like to watch or participate, each of these tracks is a great option that offers something a little different. Below, we have a link to each website, a map to each track, and a little information about each one. Check them out, and good luck on your search to see a Lamborghini in action. 


Driveway Austin 

  • Driveway Austin features a Grand Prix style racetrack. 
  • They offer a premier motorsports academy to teach race craft, performance, and tactical driving. 
  • In the future, they will have luxury garages to provide homes for exotic vehicles. 

Circuit of The Americas 

  • Circuit of The Americas is a top choice in the United States for motorsports. 
  • Other than a racetrack, they also have Cota Karting, a coffee shop, bike nights, camping, and more. 
  • You can take a virtual tour of the racetrack on their website. 
  • Events include races, live concerts, and more! Check out their website for details. 

Harris Hill Raceway 

  • Harris Hill Raceway is located between Austin and San Antonio in San Marcos, TX. 
  • Driving sessions are free with a membership. 
  • This raceway, also called HR2, also offers a large clubhouse to relax in.  
  • Track amenities include an on-site mechanic, a member garage, track tire storage, and more.