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What changes have been made to the Lamborghini Aventador over the years?

Five new features introduced in recent Lamborghini Aventador models 

What changes have been made to the Lamborghini Aventador over the years? Each new model has arrived with new innovations over the last decade. Below, you can learn about five innovations made to the Lamborghini Aventador in the last ten years. You can find the latest Lamborghini models here at Lamborghini Austin, your dealership in Austin, TX. 

How is the latest Lamborghini Aventador model different from the first model? 

We aren’t claiming that these five new features were all introduced at the same time. These changes to the Lamborghini Aventador took place over time, slowly transforming the model like erosion changes a landscape. Some of these innovations were present on the very first model, a change from previous Lamborghini models. Straight from a recent Lamborghini press release, here are the top changes made to Lamborghini Aventador: 

 Lamborghini Aventador in four color options
  1. The introduction of a carbon fiber monocoque: The Aventador LP 700-4 was the first Aventador model to receive a carbon fiber monocoque. This is a single shell monocoque that supplies structural rigidity. Carbon fiber also came to several other features, such as the door panels and sills of the Superveloce model. 
  2. Four-wheel drive models: The Lamborghini Aventador brought the innovation of four-wheel drive to its models. These supercars needed to deliver the best possible driving experience. So, they did. 
  3. The Push Rod suspension system: This system was inspired by Formula 1. In the Superveloce model, this system was altered with magnetorheological shock absorbers. It could respond immediately to the conditions of the road.  
  4. A robotized gearbox: The Aventador has an Independent Shifting Rod robotized gearbox. This was hugely innovative when it was introduced in 2011. It improves shifting time. 
  5. Driving modes: Depending on the model, you get different drive modes. The Superveloce, for example, has Strada, Sport, and Corsa drive modes. The Aventador S had all three of those, plus a new drive mode called Ego.