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The Master & Dynamic Headphones and Earphones for Lamborghini are Revealed

What were the Audio Devices at the 2021 Super Trofeo World Finals? 

It has been a year since Automobili Lamborghini partnered with Master & Dynamic,, a leading producer of premium audio devices. The brand is from New York and already comprises three liveries for Automobili Lamborghini. This year, they take on the official colors of Automobili Squadra Corse, including two of the most technologically advanced audio devices by Master & Dynamic. These are the same audio devices that were revealed at the 2021 Super Trofeo world finals. The Super Trofeo was the ideal setting for experiencing these devices to seek concentration before the race or to relax after hours of adrenaline and exertion of the race. 

How is the Squadra Corse Version of Headphones and Earphones by Master & Dynamic? 

The Squadra Corse version of Master & Dynamic’s headphones and earphones include two premium audio devices. The MW65 wireless headphones and the MW07 truly wireless earphones have a wireless connectivity range of 30m. The MW65 headphones come with Bluetooth 4.2 technology, which supports AptX and SBC with two Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) modes. With these headphones, users will be able to adjust the sound as per the listening environment. These headphones will have a battery life of up to 24 hours.  

The Master & Dynamic Earphones for Lamborghini
The Master & Dynamic Headphones for Lamborghini

On the other hand, the MW07 earphones come with Bluetooth 5.0 technology and support AptX and SBC. These earphones have a stainless-steel charging case which provides forty hours of battery life. Moreover, they boast 10mm, beryllium drivers, for optimal sound quality! 

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How Do the Automobili Lamborghini New Headphones and Earphones Look? 

The MW65 headphones and the MW07 earphones come with a Y pattern in the Mantis Green color, the same color as the super sports car by Lamborghini. The MW65 headphones have a black anodized aluminum frame covered with Mantis Green and black Alcantara® leather. Meanwhile, the MW07 earphones take inspiration from the striking finish of the Lamborghini models and the use of matte paint for the bodywork. 

The Master & Dynamic Headphones and Earphones for Lamborghini

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