Lamborghini won an award for sustainable business practices, for creating cars like this 2022 Lamborghini Urus and others

Lamborghini Won an Award for Sustainable Business Practices

As the world moves along with technological advances, it’s becoming increasingly clear that we must learn to use limited resources in a closed system. What that means is – rampant growth is problematic. Don’t panic! With companies like Lamborghini leading the way, we can do it. Keep reading to find out why Lamborghini won an award for sustainable business practices!  

The Green Star Award

While Lamborghini creates lavish cars with powerful gasoline motors, the company is looking to change. That said, Lamborghini plans to have a fully hybrid and electric lineup of cars by 2030. But that’s not all they’re doing!  

Because of their commitment to quality, for the second year in a row, Lamborghini won the Green Star Award as one of the most sustainable companies in Italy. This prestigious award is from the ITQF (Istituto Tedesco Qualità e Finanza) and IMWF (Institute for Management and Economic Research). Additionally, thirty different factors make up how a company runs to support a green, sustainable economy. Moreover, some factors include social, ecological, technological, and economic sustainability. Lamborghini has chosen to embody these concepts. 

Coupled with this commitment to sustainability is the fact that, in 2015, Lamborghini received certification for being a carbon-neutral production facility. That, paired with their plan for hybridization and electrification of their vehicle lineup, Lamborghini is doing their part to be creative, and do it responsibly. To read the full article from Lamborghini, please follow the link below: 

Lamborghini Wins the Green Star Award – Again! 

Where Can I Buy a Sustainably Manufactured Lamborghini in Austin, TX? 

It’s no surprise that Lamborghini won an award for sustainable business practices. Lamborghini of Austin celebrates the parent company’s ongoing efforts in sustainability. Their commitment to quality, as well as to the community, is what gives them their desire to do so in the first place. Please contact us if you want to know more about the Lamborghini lineup of vehicles. Our expert staff can aid you with any of your car buying needs.