A Lamborghini with a mustache, as a means of showing support for Movember.

Automobil Lamborghini Renews its Support for Movember

Lamborghini Supports Movember 

Lamborghini does more than make supercars and create excitement. The company also dedicates time and resources to various charitable causes. One such cause is Movember – an awareness-raising cause for men’s health issues. Want to know why and how Lamborghini supports Movember? It’s a great cause and a good story so – keep reading! 

All About Movember and Why Lamborghini Supports It 

Throughout this month (November 2022), Lamborghini dealers worldwide engage customers in “Bull Runs”. Thousands of owners will gather and decorate their cherished Lamborghinis with hood mustaches in a very loud, very visible support of Movember. The company has dedicated a place to accept donations to put toward the cause, as well. Movember itself is a global charity that exists to prevent early death in men from a variety of causes. In fact, these serious issues include mental health, suicide, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer.  

It doesn’t (and didn’t) stop at being a charitable cause. The organization is now a many-pronged health institution with programs accessed by millions of men around the world. The organization provides funding for biomedical research and cancer survivorship programs. They also provide innovative community mental health programs and digital health products that work for men. 

Lamborghini Supports Movember with these moustachioed Lamborghini models, as well as with a donation drive.

While the cause itself is dedicated to serious issues, the mustache as its symbol lends itself to a whimsical touch. It reminds us that men can be as lighthearted as anyone. Case in point – Lamborghinis with mustaches on their hoods. For the full story from Lamborghini, please click here.  

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The 2023 Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 

Where Can I Buy a Lamborghini Aventador in Austin, TX? 

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