Lamborghini opens its new dealership in Verona Italy, pictured here.

Lamborghini’s Triumph in Verona: A New Milestone 

Lamborghini Opens Dealership in Verona 

Lamborghini, the epitome of luxury and performance, has added another jewel to its crown with the grand opening of its dealership in Verona, Italy. This prestigious event, celebrated with an evening of glamour and opulence at the new showroom, marks a significant milestone for Lamborghini as it expands its reach in the Italian luxury car market. Here’s a closer look at this remarkable achievement. 

A Dazzling Addition to Italy’s Luxury Scene 

Lamborghini Verona, the latest addition to the iconic brand’s dealership network, is situated in the vibrant city of Verona, within the Veneto region. It joins the ranks of Lamborghini’s other esteemed Italian dealerships, affirming the brand’s deep-rooted connection to its homeland. 

Managed by Vicentini, a leading group specializing in luxury and sports cars, the new Verona showroom boasts a spacious display area and top-notch aftersales facilities. This expansion aligns with Lamborghini’s commitment to delivering exceptional services and a wide range of vehicles that cater to the desires of its esteemed clientele. 

Lamborghini’s CEO Speaks 

At the opening event, Stephan Winkelmann, Lamborghini’s Chairman and CEO, shared his thoughts: “We are delighted to be opening this new showroom in Verona. It is a key location for Italian business and industry, so our presence here was a must.” 

Highlighting the significance of Italy for Lamborghini, Winkelmann emphasized its role as both the company’s home and one of Europe’s key markets. Italy currently ranks as the sixth-largest market globally regarding Lamborghini sales, underscoring its importance to the brand. 

A Captivating Showroom Experience 

The Verona dealership, located on Via Gardesane, boasts a facility that perfectly encapsulates Lamborghini’s essence. Visitors can expect a sophisticated waiting area overlooking the showroom and a dedicated studio for Ad Personam customization. Here, clients can choose from an extensive palette of colors and finishes to craft their dream Lamborghini. 

The interior of the new showroom Lamborghini recently opened in Verona Italy.

A Night of Celebrations 

The opening event in Verona was graced by around 300 guests, including Lamborghini’s senior management, the Eurocar board, and various dignitaries. As part of Lamborghini’s 60th-anniversary celebrations, an exclusive artwork by artist Nicola Evangelisti was presented. This stunning luminescent painting features the powerful image of a bull, symbolizing Lamborghini’s strength and grace. 

A Display of Lamborghini Legends 

The event also showcased two iconic cars that etched their names in Lamborghini’s storied history: the Miura and the 25th-anniversary Countach. However, the star of the evening was undoubtedly the Lamborghini Revuelto, a super sports V12 plug-in hybrid HPEV (High-Performance Electrified Vehicle). Orders for this cutting-edge model have already spanned two years of production. 

The showroom exhibited Lamborghini’s diverse lineup, including the current Huracán range, represented by the Evo Spyder, Tecnica, STO, and Sterrato models. The Super SUV Urus range, featuring the Performante and the S lifestyle edition, was also on display. 

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A Bright Future for Lamborghini 

With the opening of Lamborghini Verona, the brand continues to strengthen its presence and reaffirm its bond with Italy. This achievement aligns with Lamborghini’s remarkable performance in the year’s first six months, where record-breaking sales, turnover, and profitability were recorded. Italy now stands as the sixth-largest market for Automobili Lamborghini, a testament to its enduring appeal in the country.  

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