Lamborghini Is Recognized as a Top Employer in Italy 2022

Lamborghini Is Recognized as a Top Employer in Italy 2022

Dream jobs are a rare thing. Imagine working on the most recognized and sought-after performance cars in the world. Now imagine that it’s one of the best places to work in Italy! That’s a winning combination, for sure. In fact, Lamborghini is recognized as a Top Employer in Italy 2022. Find out the full story from Lamborghini of Austin – keep reading!

Top Employer in Italy 2022

For nine years running, Automobil Lamborghini has been awarded the Top Employers Institute award. This includes 2022, where Lamborghini received the illustrious “Top Employer Italy 2022.” Further, reasons cited for receiving this award include their attention to wellbeing, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace. The company program, named “Feelosophy”, takes aim at issues like employees’ mental and physical health. Additionally, it promotes professional growth.

A Lamborghini executive standing next to a white 2022 Lamborghini Countach

Company representatives are quoted as being proud of the accomplishment. Chief Human Capital Officer at Lamborghini Umberto Tossini spoke up. Mr. Tossini said, “Our aim is to ensure an attractive work environment for colleagues who commit themselves to the company’s success every day…”

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Further, the focus on an excellent workplace tie into the company’s 10-year plan of electrifying Lamborghini. This plan, Direzione Cor Tauri, contains hiring and training plans to launch the Lamborghini vision of electrification. As a result, there’s a reason that Lamborghini is Recognized as a Top Employer in Italy 2022.

Lamborghini Austin Offers Automotive Excellence

Lastly, pride of ownership comes from making a purchase. But, it can also from creating something new. The people that worked hard to create your Lamborghini have a piece of it in their hearts forever. Indeed, pride of work and craftsmanship create this piece. Lamborghini of Austin invites you to see what pride of ownership means. Above all, contact us for more information on the Lamborghini family of vehicles and other exotics.